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Farm History & Future

Bethany & Zach have raised vegetables & berries the past several years. In 2016, our farm expanded to include 20 acres of pasture, woods, and garden space.  In the pasture areas we raise chickens & beef cattle. The woods is where we raise our pigs, which is their more natural habitat. Over the next few years we plan on expanding our pasture areas and planting more fruit and nut trees.

We also have several soil conservation strategies we have implemented including cover cropping, intensive rotational grazing, and low & high tunnel vegetable production. A wildlife buffer zone separates our farm from neighboring conventional farms. We will also complete our 3 year transition to certified organic in June of 2019.

2019 should be a fun year with new animals coming to the farm as well.  Our kids are super excited about guinea fowl.  These birds are great insect hunters, and they have a lot of personality.  We've also started raising quail for eggs.  These eggs are small but delicious.


Photo(s) added: Pastured TurkeyNovember 14th, 2017

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