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Bulk Pork

Certified Naturally Grown forest raised pork is our specialty.  Our pigs are raised in the woods where they can root in the ground and relax in the shade.  This means a happy life for a pig, and we think that happy pigs make better tasting pork.  Our system uses intensive rotational grazing in the woods to help increase soil fertility and improve the woods.  And the pigs really enjoy being moved to a new area of the woods every week.

Our pigs are NEVER given antibiotics, vaccinations, or growth hormones.  They forage for food and especially enjoy eating acorns and chestnuts that have fallen on the ground.  Laying in a cool spot under a tree is their favorite past time, and we really enjoy having the pigs on our farm.

Bulk Orders for Forest Raised Pork

We accept bulk orders for delivery typically in July, September, & December.  You can reserve a whole or half pig in our online store.  Buying in bulk is a great way to save and fill your freezer with our delicious pork.  There are several different options but most people choose from the following:

Bacon Ham Ground Sausage
Pork Chops Shoulder Roast Polish Sausage
Tenderloins Brats Summer Sausage
Chorizo Hot Dogs Italian Sausage
Baby Back Ribs Spare Ribs Soup Bones

Half/Whole Pig

  • Amount of meat in your freezer:
    Half = ~70lbs

    Whole = ~140lbs

  • Average cost:
    Half = $10.50/lb.  Estimated total = $735
    Whole = $9.50/lb.  Estimated total = $1330
    Note - Cost depends on which cuts you select (We'll help you pick the best options for you).

  • That's a savings of $105-$350 off of our retail price!

  • Non-refundable deposit:
    Half pig = $150
    Whole pig = $250

  • Price includes hauling the pig to the processor, processing fees, freezing the pork in our freezer, and delivering the pork to the farmers market for you to pickup (We can also deliver to your home).  You will need two to five 60qt coolers (we recommend the Cube cooler on wheels by Igloo or similar cooler) to transport your meat.  If you need coolers, we can provide them at $35/cooler.

How Much Meat Do I Get?

We let you customize your cuts to your preference.  However a typical whole pig will provide the following amount of meat on average:

  • 20lbs - Bacon 
  • 25lbs - Pork Chops & Tenderloins
  • 5lbs - Baby Back ribs
  • 10lbs - Spare Ribs
  • 25lbs - Roasts
  • 35lbs - Ham (most people turn this into sausage or brats)
  • 20lbs - Sausage/Brats/Hot Dogs
  • 10lbs - Soup Bones

Don't wait.  Reserve your whole or half pig today in our online store.  Or contact us if you have any questions.

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