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Bulk Chicken

Certified Naturally Grown pasture raised chicken is a very popular option on our farm.  Our chickens are raised 100% on pasture.  They are moved to fresh grass everyday where they get to forage and live like happy chickens.  Additionally, chickens provide an excellent natural fertilizer for our pasture keeping it lush and green. 

Whenever we move the chickens to fresh grass, the first thing they do is look for weeds.  They love dandelions.  After they've had their fill of dandelion, they'll hunt and forage and scratch looking for fun things to munch on.  Chickens are another important piece in our regenerative farm system. 

Our chickens are NEVER given antibiotics, vaccinations, or growth hormones.  Pasture raised chicken has many nutritional benefits including significantly higher amounts of Iron, Vitamin E, Omega 3s, and anti-oxidants.  You can read more nutritional info at the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association site (https://apppa.org/The-Nutrition-of-Pasture-Raised-Chicken-and-Meats).  The nutrition info is great, but my favorite part is the amazing flavor.  Give our chicken a try, it just may change your life.

Bulk Orders for Pasture Raised Chicken

We accept bulk orders for delivery in August & October.  You can reserve a 20, 30, or 40 birds in our online store.  Buying in bulk is a great way to save and fill your freezer with our delicious chicken.  There are several different options but most people choose from the following:

Whole Chicken Breast Drumsticks


Bulk Chicken

  • Amount of meat in your freezer:
    20 birds = ~90lbs
    20 birds = ~135bs

    40 birds = ~180lbs

  • Average cost:
    20 birds (90lbs) = $6.50/lb whole - Est Total = $585
    20 birds (90lbs) = $8.25/lb cut-up - Est Total = $743
    30 birds (135lbs) = $6.25/lb whole - Est Total = $844
    30 birds (135lbs) = $8.00 cut-up - Est Total = $1080
    40 birds (180lbs) = $6.00/lb whole - Est Total = $1080
    40 birds (180lbs) = $7.75 cut-up - Est Total = $1395
    Note - Cost depends on which cuts you select (We'll help you pick the best options for you).

  • Non-refundable deposit:
    90lbs = $150
    135lbs = $250
    180lbs = $350

  • Price includes hauling the chicken to the processor, processing fees, freezing the chicken in our freezer, and delivering the chicken to the farmers market for you to pickup (We can also deliver to your home).  You will need two to five 60qt coolers (we recommend the Cube cooler on wheels by Igloo or similar cooler) to transport your meat.  If you need coolers, we can provide them at $35/cooler.


How Much Meat Do I Get?

We let you customize between whole chickens or cut-up chickens.  A typical 20 bird cut-up order will provide the following amount of meat on average:

  • 25lbs - Breast
  • 15lbs - Legs
  • 15lbs - Thighs
  • 10lbs - Wings
  • 25lbs - Frames

Don't wait.  Reserve your chicken today in our online store.  Or contact us if you have any questions.



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